Case Studies

Employment Law

One of our clients had a stream of bad luck with a series of employees taking repeated short term sickness-related absence. When dismissals followed repeated absence our client's failure to follow appropriate procedures leading up to the dismissal resulted in his company being at the receiving end of a number of Unfair Dismissal and Disability Discrimination claims.

After instructing Barclay Taylor, his implementation of our “Recruitment to Retirement” pack, together with our Staff Handbook, resulted in a very clear procedure for him, or his managers, to follow. Since then, such matters have been nipped in the bud and the number of dismissals have decreased. On the one occasion he has had to dismiss an employee for such behaviour, his clear audit trail of: appraisals; warnings; targets; reviews; final warnings; and dismissal - meant that he was able to defend successfully a misconceived claim for Unfair Dismissal.

The policies and procedures make it easier for both Employer and Employee alike.

One of our clients, an employee, was able to ensure that the Company, for whom she’d been working but by whom unfair allegations about her performance were being made, were forced to follow their own procedures.  During this process it became apparent that her line manager had unfairly recorded incidents that were contradicted by work colleagues, who were able to show evidence that the claims were unfounded.

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Agency Advocacy

For one of our clients, who purchases book debts and enforces judgments by means of charging orders, the access to cost effective fixed price court representation (with guaranteed representation if Barclay Taylor are given 5 days’ notice) means they’ve been able to manage their budgets effectively without sacrificing the quality required by so many commercial undertakings.

Another client, who is a nationwide asset based lender, has no qualified in-house lawyer and, therefore, is unable to instruct advocates directly to appear in front of a county court judge.   Using Barclay Taylor’s services has enabled them to pursue high volume Return of Goods hearings whilst benefitting from the high quality service we provide.


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Agency Advocacy and Case Management

One of our clients provides commercial leases business to business (for cars, photocopiers, etc). Increasingly, they need to pursue breaches of these leases by issuing proceedings against either the proprietors or the businesses themselves, as corporate bodies. Until the client approached Barclay Taylor, this proved to be an expensive process and one which required a lot of input from the client, managing expensive lawyers, who did not help the client manage their paperwork, keep the client updated and seemed to be unconcerned with costs management.

Having come on board with Barclay Taylor, the client now receives: clear and concise information; guidance regarding appropriate papers and information needed for best results; case management updates at all stages of litigation; and also cost updates.

They’ve told us how relieved they are. They always know what stage they’re at with litigation; they are always up to date with costs incurred. They respond positively to requests for the information required by the court to ensure a speedy and cost effective resolution to the problem.

Plus, using Barclay Taylor’s cost effective Agency Advocacy Service, the client has been able to secure court representation at the end of the matter (when settlement is not secured) for much less than it would have cost to instruct counsel.

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Our clients say:

Using Barclay Taylor's Agency Advocacy service has allowed us to stream- line our operation.  They have increased the number of positve outcomes we obtain and reduced the cost of attending court hearings.