Media Law


Barclay Taylor specialise in advising creators, producers and rights holders. Confidential and sensitive advice available from an experienced media professional.


Sold a script or book and need advice on the contract?

As a former script writer, Robert Taylor understands the euphoria of selling your work and the pressure to sign a contract on any terms as soon as possible . You want your work to be around for a long time and it is essential to have a contract that will keep working for you in the long term. Robert will offer speedy advice that will not delay you signing on the dotted line.


Unsure about potential breaches of copyright?

Stand up for your rights. As a campaigner for writers’ rights, Robert has been at the forefront of the battle to protect copyright.


Concerned about digital exploitation of your work?

We can advise on how to keep control and make sure that you benefit from your work wherever and whenever it is used.


Involved in a co-production and need the agreement put in writing?

See Robert’s recent advice to the Writers’ Guild of Great Britain on their blog - link to :

Contact us for advice on this most difficult area.


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