Company Law

Some questions you should consider:

  • Have you made the necessary filings at Companies House?
  • Are important decisions properly made by the Board or Shareholders?
  • Are you keeping proper records of Board and Shareholder meetings?
  • How will the Companies Act 2006 affect your business?


If your business is going from strength to strength,

are you:

  • Seeking to expand your business by way of a franchise?
  • Seeking to raise finance from third parties?
  • Ready to groom your business for a sale?
  • Preparing to float your company – on AIM or any other stock market


Barclay Taylor will provide you with clear, considered and cost effective advice

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Commercial Contracts

Some questions you should consider:

  • Do you have bespoke terms and conditions in place?

  • Are your key sources of revenue and agreements with key suppliers backed up by written contracts?


If you are going into business with someone else:

  • Are you planning to set up as directors of a limited company and issue shares?
  • Do you need a shareholders agreement?
  • Who will own the intellectual property or assets?
  • What will happen on deadlock?
  • How will the venture be terminated?

Let Barclay Taylor assist you with drafting your commercial contracts while you concentrate on growing your business


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