Employment Tribunals

Are you a Claimant or Respondent in-person who is unsure about Tribunal requirements and procedures ?

We can assist you in the preparation of your 'bundle' - all the documentary evidence you wiil have put before the Tribunal. 

Let our extensive experience in the Employment Tribunal provide you with the reassurance you need to concentrate on putting forward your best case.


Are you nervous at the thought of having to present your case in public?

We can present your case for you.  Barclay Taylor offers a nationwide advocacy service. Our highly trained advocates will present your case to the Tribunal. 


Are you a solicitor or employment consultancy concerned about reducing your clients' costs?

We offer a fixed fee price based on the length of the hearing.  We are much cheaper than instructing a barrister. You retain conduct of the case and document production.  We are flexible, efficient and effective.

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