Compromise Agreements


Have you been offered a Compromise Agreement?

Barclay Taylor specialises in advising on Compromise Agreements.

Compromise Agreements: Why you need to see a lawyer

Compromise Agreements include a waiver of all claims that you, the employee, could bring against your former employer. As the list of potential claims could run into scores an employee must seek advice before the waiver can be valid.

Barclay Taylor operates on a fixed fee basis. In the vast majority of cases our fees are coverred by your former employer so you pay nothing.

We will go through any issues that you may have and advise on the strength of any claim and potential tribunal process and advise on the value of any severence or termination payment.

We give real world advice and get you the best deal.

Compromise Agreements for Employers

Our flexible approach and fixed fee culture could assist you and your staff. We can visit your workplace to meet former employees.

Contact us for advice.


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