Frequently Asked Questions


“My office manager keeps calling in sick. Is there anything I can do about this ?”

Yes there is.

Although you do need to be mindful of disability issues, your business is not expected to carry a member of staff who is causing you to lose money.

Contact  Barclay Taylor for help with implementing sickness absence procedures


"I run a small business, with only a couple of part time employees, so I don’t need any of the statutory policies and procedures, do I ?"

Yes you do.  

As soon as you employ just one person, even if they’re part-time, you have to make sure that you have in place statutory disciplinary and dismissal procedures, health and safety policies, whistleblowing policies, family friendly policies.

You could go for our cost effective, bespoke Staff Handbooks, containing all the required policies and procedures or (in the appropriate circumstances) we may be able to provide you with a sub-contractor contract, thereby avoiding the employment relationship until you can afford all the legal and financial responsibilities that go with it.

Contact us at  Barclay Taylor, and we can give you the advice you need to make the right choice.

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Civil litigation

“Someone owes me money…. Am I going to have to spend a fortune getting it back from them ?”

Not necessarily.

It may be that a letter before action on headed paper will suffice – or that a negotiated settlement will secure payment without the expense of going to court. If there is no alternative and issuing proceedings appears to be the only way, contact us as there are ways we can keep your costs down.

Contact Barclay Taylor to discuss the various methods of seeking payment.

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Company & Commercial

“I’m starting up a business with 2 friends of mine. We’ve discussed everything and I’m confident we’ve a great idea and it will work. I’m just a bit worried that we have nothing in writing. Is this a problem ?”


Going into business with friends is like sharing a flat with them. Everything’s fine while the going’s good – but there minute there are issues to sort out, problems arise and communication can all too easily break down.

At Barclay Taylor, we'll help you identify all the issues that need addressing when setting up a new business venture and we'll help you work out what you need in writing.

We understand that it is vital to keep your costs down as much as possible at start up. We believe that, if we help you at this stage to identify and address all the important issues when you’re on a tight budget, then you’ll keep coming back to us!

Contact Barclay Taylor for a chat about the type of safeguards you can put in place at the outset of your venture.

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“I’ve been offered what I’m told is a great new deal by a TV production company to produce some of my scripts. However, I’m not sure I should sign the agreement, as there are a few points I’m unhappy with but I don’t want to lose the deal. Can you help?"

Yes we can.

Contact Robert Taylor our media law specialist. Drawing on his background in the media and using his eye for detail he will give any contract you’re considering signing a careful, commercially-minded read through –  to check you’re not giving away rights that you might later regret.


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