County Courts

Do you need county court representation in England & Wales?

Do you currently spend too much time out of the office attending court?

Would you like to keep your costs down but still have quality legal representation?

  • We can arrange court attendance from as little as £100.00 + VAT
  • With 5 days’ notice, we guarantee attendance at any county court in England & Wales, provided certain criteria are met
  • You can obtain solicitor's fixed fees that can offset our charges
  • We ensure the correct papers are provided, ensuring the best result for you
  • We inform you of the outcome on the day of the hearing
  • We provide, within 48 hours, a detailed attendance note setting out:
    • details of the hearing;
    • the order made by the court;
    • and the submissions made by the advocate;
  • So you can see exactly what happened and we can maintain quality control.

Do you want to keep control of the case management?

We can assist individuals or debt recovery organisations pursuing unpaid credit accounts.

We do not take conduct of the case or ‘go on the record’ with the Court so you keep control of the case.

Our advocates are experienced with the following types of hearings:

Mortgage possessions; mortgage applications; charging orders; money judgments; applications to set aside; landlord & tenant hearings; directions hearings; applications for summary judgment; insolvency matters (personal and corporate); appearances before a Circuit Judge; case management conferences; small claims; and many more


Please contact Barclay Taylor for further information.

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