Employment law advice for Employers

How to deal with the minefield of statutory regulation

It is not just sex discrimination and unfair dismissal anymore.

Are you up to date on the Maternity and Parental Leave and Paternity and Adoption Regulations? Have you considered the impact of the Age Discrimination legislation on pension rights?

Information and Consultation of Employees (Amendment) Regulations, anyone?

It is a full time job keeping up. Allow Barclay Taylor to provide fixed price legally compliant staff handbooks. We also provide the option of regular up dates - again at a fixed price, so you are always on top of the law.

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How to avoid staff problems blowing up in your face

Let us think for you in advance. We draft policies and procedures on any aspect of the relationship between you and your staff. These will be your guide to create office systems to ensure that workplace issues are dealt with in the workplace and in a timely and non-acrimonious manner.

The modern workplace is constantly changing and the challenge is to keep staff up to date. We can provide policies on IT and internet use, Family Leave, Sickness, Harassment, Discrimination and Stress.

Remember, vicarious liability means that you may be liable for the behaviour of your employees, whether you knew about it or not.

Properly drafted policies are your frontline protection.

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Is there an alternative to employing an in-house lawyer or HR expert?

The answer is yes. It starts with properly drafted legally compliant: staff handbooks,contracts, recruritment and employment procedures. Barclay Taylor offers a fixed price products that will enable you to focus on running your business.  Follow our systms to ensure your peace of mind, safe in the knowledge you have addressed the HR best practice and employment law requirements. 

Our products include: Staff Handbooks; "Recruitment to Retirement" packs (assisting you wth discrimination free: recruitment, appraisal, promotion, dismissals if required); How to conduct a Disciplinary Hearing Guidance.

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Want to promote but scared of being accused of discrimination

Barclay Taylor can supply you with HR support regarding job evaluation systems - providing you with guidance on implementing independent and objective evaluation systems, enabling recruitment without implying bias of sex, race, religion or age. By following these systems you will be able to demonstrate a fair procedure and avoid expensive and damaging challenges.

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How to avoid expensive employment Tribunal claims

The first step is to operate legally compliant disciplinary and grievance procedures to ensure that problems are dealt with by you in the workplace. We can advise on correct implementation of statutory procedures. If correct procedures are implemented then the chances of any claim to the Tribunal being thrown out is greatly increased.

If correct procedures are not followed then the results can be expensive, as R Limited found out in a case that came to our attention recently. They had dismissed an employee for gross misconduct, including physically threatening the manager. The manager dismissed him on the spot.  The employee claimed unfair dismissal.  Because no disciplinary investigation or procedures had been followed his claim was successful and although the compensation awarded was minimal, the cost to R Limited in legal fees, and wasted resources was much greater indeed.

Employment Dispute on the Horizon?

Don't delay! Contact us no for further information and a free 15 minute consultation.

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Immigration issues in employment

Employing staff from overseas?

Who doesn't these days.

Barclay Taylor can offer expert advice on ensuring your staff have right to work in the UK.

We can ensure that your immigration policy does not fall foul of race discrimination legislation.

We can also offer access to expert immigration advice.

Contact us for further information.

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Terminating contracts of employment - paying off staff

Be sure of your reasons and ensure that the statutory disciplinary procedures are complied with. We can advise on this and draft legally compliant compromise agreements. If it is a redundancy situation then you will need to undertake a proper consultation with staff.

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Just bought a business? Do you have to take the staff

In most cases the staff will transfer to you under the TUPE Regulations. Their pay, terms and conditions will remain as before. This area requires very careful consideration. Contact us for more information.

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